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The Call of the Wild

I write for my college's newspaper, The Ball State Daily News. The only article I have written since arriving back home (due to adapting back to being here) was on Earth Day's fiftieth anniversary. This article intrigued me because in my senior year of high school I took AP Environmental Science. The class fascinated me. I enjoyed learning about the world the surrounds us. The article had much the same affect on me.

I enjoyed discovering what people thought about the importance of Earth Day. I guess I don't really think about Earth Day as talk of it basically fell to the wayside after elementary school. I do recall though some of the efforts that groups helped with outdoor activities during Cathedral day of service. I can't recall exactly what they were though one surely involved the river that flowed near campus. This article allowed me to consider that perhaps we should talk about it more.

In recent years , I have seen a debate over the existence of "global warming" or "climate change." I think while the people who do often seem to be shouting from the rooftops about the issue mean well dissent is not accepted even if it simple skepticism. I believe that "climate change" is naturally occurring and open to that humans do in fact have an affect on the climate. Yet, I do see a trend that says the earth would be better off without humans. I think this statement could be misguided. I believe that while I myself should be cognizant of how I treat the planet nature itself is inherently a dangerous place. But enough of talking about a debate that may or may not be settled.

With the quarantine I have found myself outside much more. Most of it to take walks or ride my bike. These excursions have been to keep me healthy as well as find time to talk with family members. Through these walks and talks, I have learned much more about what my parents' childhoods were like. I think though the television and Netflix are great ways to relax perhaps we have forgotten how to relax outside. In lieu of more than two tv channels, my father's siblings and he played outside much more I think maybe than I did with my siblings. I have memories of playing outside but just as many watching movies and being inside.

Biking has allowed me to practice skills I need to be able to drive. I have at 20 no license and while to some that is slow it's really just the way life has played out. I am in the process of obtaining that coveted piece of plastic: the driver's license. However, with dyspraxia it has been a challenge learning. Biking allows me to practice awareness of all things around me as well as get a daily dose of sunshine. God's creation is so mysterious and captivating. I love the sounds of the birds as we are in spring.

I really can't wait for the flowers and smells of summer. Nature is wonderful go and enjoy it.


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