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Mary Stempky

I am a native Hoosier from Indianapolis. I enjoy reading, writing, music, photography, trying ethnic food, and so much more. I graduated from Franciscan University with a major in English with a Concentration in Writing and a minor in Theology. I love the outdoors ,the summer (though mosquitoes are a summer annoyance), spending time by the water, and playing games with family and friends. I am practicing Catholic who loves her faith. I am up for any discussion except if it involves contending that It's A Wonderful Life is not a must see Christmas movie. My favorite color is blue (even my room had to be a specific shade: Dolphin Blue). I can't get enough of dolphins and hope to swim with them someday. I dream of being a Stay at home mom and being a New York Times Bestselling author. So please join on this crazy journey called life as I show you my Merry Little Life. 

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