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Another Day Another Adventure

In one word my day was exciting. I had a conversation about a job at a nursing home in the Indianapolis area. I never really fully internalized the changes that came to nursing homes until I considered working at one. The thought of having to wear a medical mask while I work around the elderly was never something I could have imagined. I may have to live that reality if I do get the job. I think that there's finally a focus on the elderly that perhaps has been ignored or less time given to in the past.

There has been a discussing about the aging of America for a while. However, I think it was just something that was said and somehow accepted. Now in the midst of this virus we are faced with the fact that our elderly are at risk for a disease that could kill them. Though, in some ways there's so much talk about protecting the vulnerable that one can become paranoid.

I was tentative about coming home from college because my grandmother lives with my family. Looking back it may be could be attributed to the fact that at that time I did not know if my university had a case or the surrounding area for that matter. Honestly though I think that I just was afraid that somehow I had contracted it without knowing it. Talking about my grandmother I feel that I have had more time to connect with her. I have also had time to think about what her day to day is like since at college I didn't get to witness her daily struggles. I have had a chance to talk to her about her childhood. It's so interesting to hear stories about the last century which since I was born in '99 I well missed.

I have also with my time as mentioned in my last post have dived in to reading. Right now I am simultaneously reading Brainwashed: How Universities Indoctrinate America's Youth by Ben Shapiro and My Sisters the Saints: A Spiritual Memoir by Colleen Carroll Campbell and listening to Genius Foods by Max Lugavere. As you can see my reading tastes are quite varied (wait until I dive into fiction). These books have had different affects on me. I intend on probably reading Genius Foods a second time immediately after I finish it the first time. I read a chapter each in the two physical books. I honestly probably could have finished My Sisters the Saints today but moderation even when reading is good. I think that this book could resonate with many women of faith or in general even if they aren't necessarily religious. Hmm...I almost want to spew my thoughts right now and I'm not even finished. A review will be coming for all the books. Well with all the being locked inside at least I found a few things to do. Like this blog.


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