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A Tribute to Those Who Made The Ultimate Sacrifice for Our Country

Happy Memorial Day!!! Many today are enjoying a day free from work. Students are enjoying a day away from school (at least in theory). Yet, we may lose sight of this day’s true purpose if we only focus on the chance to relax. This day is to remember those who died protecting the Freedoms of the U.S. Constitution. The promises of this document and the Declaration of Independence have not always been faithfully kept as perfectly as possible. Yet even so many chose to serve and then made the ultimate sacrifice. Though not one of my siblings or sibling-in-law nor neither Of my parents are in the military, I grew up with two uncles and a cousin in the military and several veterans in my family. For them, today could be a day where they remember friends who perished on the battle field. I do not know if they have someone to remember today, but I am aware that I am incredibly lucky that I don’t have to remember one of them as someone who lost his life oversees (no matter the honor that comes for dying for one‘s country). I thank those families who are missing some one today for their sacrifice and the sacrifice of their son, daughter, aunt, uncle, cousin, mother, or father. I thank those who remember lost friends today for serving our country by choice (or by draft). Without the our servicemen and women, the freedoms I enjoy may not continue to exist. So again I wish all those soldiers who died to keep America free for without them I perhaps could not live as I do. God Bless America!!! Lord bring comfort tho those grieving today. Mother Mary wrap your mantle around all those who grieve a family member or friend today allowing them the comfort only you and Christ can give.


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