Pro-Life Feminism In Action Techno-Style

For my final project, I would produce a video. This video would highlight the resources that Pregnancy Care Centers give women. The first step I would take to achieve this would be calling the local pregnancy care center to obtain permission to come and film during the day. I would also ask if I could do interviews with the staff and maybe the volunteers about the center and why it is important. After obtaining permission to come and take the video I would talk about what day would be best for me to come or if I would have to come on multiple days. I would then draft questions to ask both employees and volunteers. I would inquire what resources are provided and how comprehensive they are compared to Planned Parenthood. I would ask them what they believe society tell women about motherhood and what they would change or not change about this perception. I would ask if they define themselves as feminist and why. I would ask them if they think the mission of pregnancy care centers is feminist and why. would ask employees and volunteers why they chose to work/volunteer at a women’s care center. I would ask how they reach out to the community. I would ask what they think about Roe vs. Wade and if they believe it has helped women. I would ask what the most common demographic is they see enter the care center. I would ask what the biggest misconception or piece of misinformation is they have seen or heard about pregnancy care centers. I would use my cell phone probably to film the content or might also film it with my digital camera. I would try to also find a third way to record. After I went to the pregnancy care center, I would like use iMovie to edit the footage into a video that is both informative and fun I would then create a YouTube channel where I would post the video. I would try to use the video to show the innerworkings of the center. I would have the interviews sometimes be voice overs of action and sometimes documentary style cut away. I would make a transcript in the video of the interviews. I would probably need help a little to blur faces out in case people wanted to stay anonymous. I would also try to put text on the screen for viewers to know exactly what question was being answered. I would try to make an intro and outro script to be filmed before and after the actual experience of filming inside the pregnancy care center.

The YouTube channel would be educative about pro-life feminism. On this channel I would do research about topics related to the larger topic of pro-life feminism. One video would be information about maternity leave, business practices around as well as laws and legislation to do with it. I would also maybe invite a panel of people on the channel with different views on abortion to have a nuanced discussion about the topic. Another video would focus on explaining the cases of Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton and their significance to this topic. I would research both cases. I would also try to talk to different people in the legal field to discuss their legal justification and if they would qualify as “good law”. I would research and NOW and their views on abortion and if they changed at any point and make a video about it. I would try to make this channel as non-judgmental as possible so that it could reach both camps. I would also try to interview the Students for Life club on campus and ask them what they do to support mothers attending Ball State. I would make sure to ask about why it is important for students to get involved in this issue.

I would try maybe to get a Feminists for Life group started on campus and use the YouTube channel to advertise involvement in the group. I would make a short tv advertisement style video to encourage people to join. I may also talk to some of the other feminist groups on campus and see what their stance is and ask why. I would ask them what the biggest misconception about whichever side they agree with is. I would also ask what the one thing would is that they would want to ask the other perspective. I would also make a video about men’s views about abortion since this is an issue that doesn’t only affect women. I would ask them if they would consider themselves both pro-life and feminist, I would ask them how they would respond to the claim that they want to control women’s bodies by supporting pro-life cause. I think would show how we should focus on both parties in a pregnancy. I would research fatherhood and make a video about it. I would also make video about the common ground between pro-life and pro-choice feminists. I think it’s important that to focus on where these two schools of thought align so that intelligent conversation can happen between both sides. I would make a video about positives and negatives of the pro-life movement. I would also maybe reach out to Secular prolife and talks to them about the misconception that Pro-Life movement is an exclusively religious movement. This would broaden the movement giving it a more wholistic look. I would also make a video about the rhetoric around motherhood today and how it can actually be sometimes harmful to women rather than helpful. This would be a critical look about what should empower women may not always do that.

I would make an Instagram account promoting a pro-life feminist approach to crisis pregnancies as well as motherhood and other issues. I would use this Instagram account to promote pregnancy care centers. I would also put audio sound bites and clips of my video inside the pregnancy care center on my page. I would also put screen captures of the numbers for pregnancy care centers in each state. I would do an individual post for each state. This Instagram account would also provide links to the pregnancy care centers websites as well as Feminists for life’s website and resources. If I was able to start a Feminists for Life club at Ball State, I would use this to promote attendance at meetings. I would also use it to try to promote club events. I might also try to get a pro-life feminist speaker on campus. I would post advertisements for this event on the Instagram. I may also do some posts similar to Humans of New York. However, they would be pregnancy care center workers and volunteers. I would have each of them tell their story of being a pro-life feminist. I would also advertise volunteering at the pregnancy care center on the Instagram. I would probably focus on the ones in Muncie and Indianapolis. I would also do Instagram lives where I do pro-life feminist Q&A. These Q&A’s would be to inform about the position. These would try to debunk misconceptions and myths about the movement. I would also use Instagram live to talk to students for Life about the issue and how they are feminist. Additionally, on Instagram live I may try to reach out to pro-life advocates to interview them and share their story.

I would do research on companies that are good places to work for those who want to or already have families and promote them. I would perhaps try to do an Instagram live with someone from the company to explain the policies and why they have them. I would also promote other videos on the Youtube channel by posting clips and sound bites on the Instagram. I would also post videos talking about current event and issues regarding pro-life feminism. These videos would encourage people to get out and get involved in the cause or get informed about the issue. I would also do Instagram stories sharing how feminism and the pro-life cause are compatible. Instagram would also be used to promote the ideas that you can go to school and be a parent. I would post the video of my interview with the title IX coordinator in segments. I would hope this would help inform the student body how Ball State supports women through helping them receive an education during and after their pregnancy. I would use Instagram to promote further action from the school in terms of support for parenting students from the information I learned in the Title IX Coordinator interview. I would also do humans of New York style posts with pregnant and parenting student who were comfortable sharing their stories. I hope these posts would help people be more aware of these students and their needs. I would also advertise events where pro-life feminist speakers are speaking. I would also use it support other organizations other than pregnancy care center that help women with unexpected pregnancies. I would help to try to promote through Instagram donation drives for baby clothes and supplies. This would hopefully help those who are parenting on campus to have an easier time.

Through the use of Instagram and YouTube I hope to promote a society that supports mothers and women who are in unexpected pregnancies. Through the interviews with the pregnancy center, it would expel the myths around them and show that they are based in science and good healthcare. I would hope to it would be able to reach women who would use the services or people who might be interested in helping or working at the pregnancy center. I would love the chance to promote a movement that I feel is misunderstood. I also am hoping to how that feminism can be pro-life.