It's Gif Time


I got this gif from the link from wix. I chose this because I love the office and I find it funny for it is something very Michael Scott. To understand this Gif you might need to know who Steve Carrell is. You will need to know What the show "The Office" is and how popular it is. You would need to understand how the character of Michael Scott thinks and acts. You may need to know whether he is actually saying the quote. You may need to know the episode the quote is taken and what particular situation is going on. You may also need to know who created the gif and what they think about the show or why the made it. You may want to look what was going on when this got popular and how this relates. It seems to at least make a quip about how many people say this ironically. Also this might be an internal thought when people begin to talk about politics or other controversial topics. Discussions rarely result from bringing these topics up. They usually turn into debates. The situation seems to be some party or something shown by the lights. It is probably said during one of those scenes where they break the fourth wall and the character talks to the audience directly. Michael is probably annoyed by something. He also might be trying to look tough as the character often does. The scene may take place at a mini golf course because there's a windmill in the background and you also see trees. You also can tell that he is wearing a suit so it tells you it's during working hours and unless you have seen the episode you may not understand the whole context of this moment. However, you may not need to see the episode to find it funny. This is a common joke usually sarcastic. friends may say it between each other. Thus though certain context clues or background may be needed you don't necessarily need this to enjoy the meme.

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