Expect the Unexpected...Literally

On May 14, 2019, I surely would have chuckled if someone had shared with that a year from then I would be sitting on my couch looking forward to outdoor seating at restaurants or the feeling conflicted about limitations on the size of social gatherings. Yet now I sit on my couch in the midst of well the thing...you know the thing...ok I'll say it Coronavirus.

The current virus that has swept the nation and the world has made me reevaluate a lot. I took for granted that I had the freedom albeit confined to a college campus to go outside. I expected my sophomore year to end with going to a graduation ceremony for several of my friends. I looked forward to seeing friend get married in a few short weeks. All that changed when just after Spring Break this Virus caused my University, Ball State to call an early end to campus living though I left before all were officially kicked out I still can't believe I wasn't able to finish out sophomore as I did Freshman.

I would arrive home to online classes and a home the only way I could leave was to take a walk or for driving practice. I would like to say I was perfect or that I particularly loved online school. The truth is...I can't.

I flourish better in an in person setting. I missed my classes and missed the chance of seeing my professors in person. Group assignments felt more taxing trying to remotely navigate this online system. Though I will admit one of the advantages of the online classes was that I got to be inside a digital literacy course during this mandatory online learning. I got to see an article in my local newspaper, The Indianapolis Star, about the limitations of online learning. I got to learn the intricacies of Canvas more than I ever expected I would have to. I learned how to balance all my classes and my free time.

I also took finding a job seriously. Though, it is quite hard in some ways as at least before Indianapolis opened few options available. I disbanded my hopes of getting an internship as I wasn't sure how that would work as I did not want a virtual one and I didn't know if the one that seemed would be in person in a non-pandemic world would be going virtual. Though honestly, I finding that perhaps I need another summer of doing a job that is not an internship. Not that I was one hundred percent counting on an internship, but I definitely didn't imagine worrying about wearing a mask to work. These times are interesting that's the one thing I know.

One thing that changed once I was home is the bombardment of constant Corona news. I basically always saw Trump at night and the Coronavirus task force on the tv screen. However, it seems everything seems to be in constant change. From one day to the next it seem like oh millions will die and the next on tens of thousands, both sad but vastly different numbers. I look at states like Michigan and wonder how we got here. I look at the taking down of a video by YouTube of two licensed medical personnel taking about observed data in their own hospital and questioning of the lockdown interesting. It almost feels totalitarian even if YouTube says they only remove videos with misinformation. This video doesn't sound like misinformation but the sharing and analysis of data in a time where it is vital.

Though a bright spot has been that I have been able to dive into good books. In the last few weeks I have finished four books that have not been related to school. I have found new all time favorites in these books. I today found myself having for myself to set down the book I was reading because I didn't want to stop reading. I can't wait to see what the next weeks brings. I still have questions, but I am willing to wait for answers.