Activism in Focus

For my next project I was thinking about either focusing on the rise of alternative media such as podcasts and who this has changed the media landscape. The other possible topic I am consider researching is Feminists for Life of America. I want to reach audience that thrives on truth. I also want reach an audience who is willing to learn and hear new ideas even if they don't agree. These two topics have different impetus for interest. The first stems from the fact that cable news seems to be watched but rather altruistically these days. It appears that more and more especially those in my generation navigate towards podcasts and other alternative media sources rather than the stereotypical broadcast news. This trend appears to have many sources and I wonder how the different theories overlap and if all could partially have the answer. I also notice with me that even though I do enjoy listening to podcasts I tend to forget to listen to them. I also have noticed that it has become common for public figures to have podcasts or for streaming services such as Spotify to offer access to podcasts. Also it seems many radio shows have a podcast format for listeners to go back to. Feminist for Life of America interests me because it is a prolife organization that really seems to be at the intersection of two issues Feminism and Abortion. The stance taken by this organization would be anti-feminist as abortion often is seen a right that a woman has in terms of control of her own body. I would like to research here the history of the organization and how they reconcile two ways of thinking that to many are anti-thetical to each other. I would also like to see what they offer that is different from other organizations similar to them